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Connection Variables

Before you run any SQL commands, you must set the variables below. MeekroDB doesn't actually establish a MySQL connection until you run your first command!

DB::$user = 'my_database_user';
DB::$password = 'my_database_password';
DB::$dbName = 'my_database_name';
DB::$host = ''; //defaults to localhost if omitted
DB::$port = '12345'; // defaults to 3306 if omitted
DB::$encoding = 'utf8'; // defaults to latin1 if omitted

If you're connecting to MySQL over SSL, you may also need to set these:

DB::$ssl = array('key' => '', 'cert' => '', 'ca_cert' => '', 'ca_path' => '', 'cipher' => '');
DB::$connect_options = array(MYSQLI_OPT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT => 10);

These variables only have an effect when a connection is being established. Once you're connected, changing them has no effect. If you use DB::disconnect(), you can change these variables. It will then use the new values to re-connect once you run another query.